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  • Fantasy Flying

    Keeping with our regime of social distancing we called an out and return task south to the Fantasy of Flight thereby eliminating (hopefully) putting pilots together in a retrieval vehicle.

    The forecast was for light winds but few if any cu's. The cu forecast was much better than the two previous days, but there was still this layer of dry air above 4,000' that would mean as the inversion rose the cu's would thin out. Their depth would already be quite minimal.

    The cu's did form in the morning encouraging a task, but the winds were a little higher than expected and from our least favorite direction, from the west.

    I let Larry go first and that turned out to be a big mistake as Eric Williams asked me if I wanted a tow behind a trike. A couple of trike pilots have been here practicing towing. After getting some reassurances I said okay.

    The ride was one of the three worst trike tows I've ever had. The pilot is too inexperienced and did not pull in when climbing (while I'm in the sinking air behind him). After barely hanging on and forced to do large maneuvers to stay level and behind the trike and after large increases and decreases in airspeed I finally pinned off at about 1,000' feeling that I had risked my life enough times.

    I came back to be towed behind Tim on the Dragonfly and that's when you appreciate having a skilled pilot. These things just don't fly themselves. I wasn't able to stay up after the first experience (I guess) but Mick, John, and Larry were able to get up and get going.

    The cu's did slowly die as I forecast and only John was able to make it all the way back though Larry and Mick landed nearby.

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  • Icaro Masks

    Christian Ciech writes:

    Icaro will try to produce masks. Tomorrow we should receive the fabric-non-fabric and we will make the first samples for the approbation from the University of Milan. Then we will start the production. They are going be washable masks for multiple use. Our production can't be that big.

    In the meantime we already ordered 10000 masks from a Chinese certified supplier. 5000 of them will go for the hospital of Busto Arsizio, a small city north of Milan.

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  • Low Enough

    Johnny Carr writes:

    I have had a few low saves over the many years of hang gliding but this is the only one with a camera on the glider. I managed to claw my way back up and flew a reasonable cross country flight.

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  • Grace Period

    "Gregg Ludwig" <<gregg.ludwig.cfi>> writes:

    Aerotow tug pilots were just issued relief from the the FAA with pilot medical renewals. “The Notice states that from March 31, 2020 to June 30, 2020, the FAA will not take legal enforcement action against any person serving as a required pilot flight crew member or flight engineer who holds a medical certificate that expires within this time period.


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  • Time Now for Video Editing

    "Felix Cantesanu" <<ctsfelix>> sends:

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