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  • Lift

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  • Suffolk Hang Gliding


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    Hang gliding is truly amazing flying sport which allows people to access affordable aviation. A lot of people don't actually realise the extent of the soaring flights that can be achieved on these simple cost effective aircraft. This video features the Suffolk Hang Gliding Club, which is based at a farm strip off the A120 between Ipswich and Diss. Club pilots regularly fly cross country to Great Yarmouth and other Suffolk coastal towns. Last year the longest flight glided all the way to Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast just by using thermals. In fact the cumulative total distance the club flew in 2018 was over 2000kms and this year (2019) someone flew to Northampton!

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  • X Flight

    Larry flew from Dilley to Uvalde and that is apparently where they are going to launch from on Thursday after a pause on Wednesday. The forecast looks iffy on Wednesday, so it's a good idea to wait until Thursday. Rocksprings is a concern at the moment for Thursday. Get to Sonora and you're golden.

    Friday looks great also. Time to get to Kansas.

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  • We're cool here


    At Arapahoe Basin, so much snow has fallen since the winter that it has stayed opened for skiing on weekends through the month. It declared Saturday a powder day after a fresh coating of two inches. The resort plans to open again next weekend and possibly over the July 4 weekend, its blog says.

    The snow was triggered by an unusually cold pool of air at high altitudes over the western United States combined with a vigorous weather disturbance that ejected out of the Southwest.

    While the snow may have some in the Colorado high country craving warmer temperatures, the onslaught of precipitation since January has ended a costly drought in the state, and the elevated snowpack and runoff are expected to lower Colorado’s wildfire risk through the summer.

    It's been cool here in Boise all June with high temperatures for the most part in the seventies and eighties even sixties.

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  • Early Heat Wave Coming to Europe


    An intense heat wave is set to bake Europe in coming days, and it could be historic, potentially shattering records across a large portion of the continent.

    The heat wave is expected to peak in the middle part of this week, when a swath from Spain to Poland is expected to see temperatures at least 20 to 30 degrees (11 to 17 degrees Celsius) above normal. Actual temperatures should surge to at least 95 to 105 degrees (35 to 40 degrees Celsius) over a sprawling area, with some spots hotter.

    Weather Underground’s Bob Henson notes that this projected heat wave is “unusually strong for so early in the summer.”

    It was hot and stable on Monday in the Alps at the Red Bull X-Alps.

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