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  • NSW Hang Gliding State Titles 2019


    http://www.williamolive.com/manilla/2019/comp results 2014.html

    Guy Hubbard on launch:

    Guy Hubbard on launch

    Task 4:

    # Name Glider Time Total
    1 Jon Durand Jnr Moyes RX 4 Pro 03:07:10 998
    2 Harrison Rowntree Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 03:20:38 852
    3 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 03:22:25 846
    4 Josh Woods Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 03:22:21 844
    5 Bruce Wynne Moyes RX 4 03:28:57 756
    6 Howard Jones Moyes RX 3 Pro 03:18:01 752
    7 Vic Hare WW T2C 136 03:40:06 734
    8 Steve Docherty Moyes RX 4 Pro 03:47:21 705
    9 Rob de Groot Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 03:42:56 669
    10 John Spencer Moyes RX4 03:55:37 621


    # Name Glider Total
    1 Jon Durand Jnr Moyes RX 4 Pro 3809
    2 Josh Woods Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 3680
    3 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 3267
    4 Vic Hare WW T2C 136 3266
    5 Steve Docherty Moyes RX 4 Pro 2909
    6 Rick Martin Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 2576
    7 Harrison Rowntree Moyes RX 3.5 Pro 2554
    8 Paul Bissett-Amess Moyes RX 3.5 2528
    9 Howard Jones Moyes RX 3 Pro 2338
    10 Dustan Hansen airborne ev 14.5 2167

    The conditions on this day (photos from Billo):

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  • US Open of Paragliding - Chelan 2019


    The US Open of Paragliding will be a Cat 2 Race to Goal USHPA sanctioned XC Competition held in Chelan this coming July. Registration opens March 1st @ 8am (Pacific Time Zone)


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  • The end of a good day

    After John Simon and I flew:

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  • With and without the UV resistant layer

    A side by side comparison of two sails about two years old:

    This sail is on John Simon's Aeros Combat C 12.7. It does not have a UV resistant layer. John is getting a new sail that will have the UV resistant layer, hopefully on top on the outside.

    This is the Wills Wing T2C 144 that I fly. There is no UV damage that I can detect and the sail is in excellent shape.

    Steven Pearson <<Steve>> writes:

    This is consistent with our experience comparing off-the-shelf laminates with our custom laminates produced with UV-stable-film

    Any laminate without UV film becomes brittle with cracks and flakes starting in the outer layer in as little as one year of harsh UV exposure. UV film doesn’t become brittle with 5x as much exposure (although it is still subject to scratching and wear-and-tear). The problem remains that most manufacturers claim that their laminates have UV protection which is misleading at best. Anything other than special-order UV film is ineffective at extending the life of laminate sails. John Simon’s sail material has “UV-protection” but it does not have UV film.

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  • Meandering about on a day with an incorrect weather forecast



    The National Weather Service seemed to think that a front was coming through but apparently the high pressure down here in the southeast made it back off. Instead of the rain that was predicted to be 40%, we got a light east wind and cumulus development that only went so high before stopping.

    Given the forecast and numerous towering cu's we were wary at first, but as the sky opened up again we took off just before 3 PM. I set a small task to Bay Lake to the southeast and back just to have a goal in mind. John Simon was up just before I took off.

    I pinned off in light lift and then after a bit of a search found 200 fpm southwest of Wilotree Park downwind of agriculture fields over the swamps. That got me to 2,800' I was watching John climb at 300 fpm to my northwest, downwind of the course line to 3,000'.

    Heading out under a sky with widely spaced and diffuse cumulus clouds it was a 5 km glide down to 1,300' where I found light lift over a large swamp area with some large landable fields downwind. John joined up from above and stayed until he felt the lift was decreasing at 3,000' and headed further toward the Bay Lake turnpoint. I was only at 2,000' so I hung in there as the lift improved greatly and I was able to climb at 300 fpm to 3,900'.

    John was low in 50 fpm after making the turnpoint as I came in high. He drifted back to where we had climbed before and climbed quickly as we decided to head further south instead of back to Wilotree on our out and return task. The conditions were much better than we expected. We met up heading to the next cu.

    The lift under this next cu was weak at 100 fpm and I climbed to 2,900'. John headed further south as I drifted back in the 5 to 7 mph south southeast wind. Given the weak lift and low top of lift I decided the better idea was to head back north under a cloud street. John didn't find anything to the south.

    Wilotree was to the north northeast but the street was to the north northwest. My thinking was get under the street, get back up and then head east to Wilotree. John was 3 kilometers south of me upwind climbing at 150 fpm.

    The street took me almost due west of Wilotree and the lift was quite weak. I was only able to get to 2,100', not enough to make it over the swamps back to Wilotree. John decided to head into the blue hole to the northeast toward Wilotree seeing as the cu's I was under were too ragged.

    Searching further under them did me no good and I was soon down to 1,000' working weak sink with a few buzzards over Bay Lake road. It never got strong enough to actually lift me up but I was near huge fields so I was comfortable working it closer and closer to the ground.

    John found weak lift in the blue and was able to make it back home while I landed in a familiar field.

    All in all it was a very pleasant day in the air with accommodating lift and gentle conditions.

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